1/3 of 6thBoro.

can we talk about the phrase “earn a living” and how deeply fucked up the idea we’re expected to justify our existence through work and wages is though?


The biggest trap of all


people love to treat the people they love like shit and pretend they aren’t doing anything wrong

Super Smash Bros. Demo Code


Okay.. So I have a few people asking for the codes and I’m not good at making decisions soo whoever reblogs this I will put into a random thing and choose 2-3 people to get a code.


real hip hop

if i ever walked inside of hot97

Quick Update

So the squad and I dropped a tape for you all, comprised of classic hip hop tracks melded together with 6thBoro beats. Its highly suggested that you take a listen.

Feel free to drop something in my ask box about it, whether it be a review, inquires, or anything.



I wish my followers were more interactive….y’all just sit there

thats cause they waitin on us to slip up so they can unfollow and participate in dragging us until we deactivate. 


#stay woke