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Overpriced Samplers

Here’s a list of all overpriced samplers.

SP-303 - can not truly do anything more than any SP 404, which is marketed a lower value. The simple fact that Dilla and Madlib have owned these items has sparked its value. Also keep in mind that this sampler utilizes SmartMedia cards, which have been discontinued for a very long time. The price of these cards is ridiculously high, and you also need a specific size for it to work. I suggest you do not purchase for anything more than 230 USD.

MPC 3000 - these are often listed at 1000+ USD on eBay and other places. Totally not worth it. Those who actually have wasted their money can only say that it has the “grit” of an MPC 60. If you have enough experience making beats, you DO NOT need this machine for grit. The 2000XL, 2500, 4000, and even the 1000 have more features than this machine. I suggest that you do not pay more than 700 for this item.

SP-1200 - This is a fantastic sampler, no doubt. A lot of the price comes from the fact that its so rare right now, but the rest is from the fact that a lot of top producers have owned this item. The grit on this machine is no joke. But not worth the multiple thousands of dollars that it costs to attain. If you are looking for an SP-1200, try to know the person you are buying it from.

MPC 2000XL - Great machine, but often overpriced on the internet yet again. Many of these come with a floppy disk drive or a zip drive. Trash. Both drives will easily become dead-weight in no time. There is no future in trying to purchase discontinued file storage equipment. You can upgrade to a CompactFlash drive if you’re tech-savvy. Truthfully, the MPC 1000 is often within the same price range and will do everything that the 2000XL can plus more. Let’s not forget the fact that these screens often go bad and replacement of such is costly. I would suggest not paying more than 300 for the floppy drive, 350 for the zip, and 500 for the CF drive.

All in all, im saying that ive heard trash come out of all these machines before and they will not magically make your beats any better. It is not just a saying, it truly is the person behind the machine. Avoid the mistakes that others have made before you, and save your damn money.

My 4000.